Kingdom-biz ministry was created with three distinct things in mind.  The first reason for the site is that God might be honored, glorified and praised above all people and all things. The second purpose was that through the site some people might find the way to the Savior of the world; Jesus Christ and place their faith and trust in him both in this life and the life to come.  The third purpose of the site is that Christians might come there and receive teaching that will benefit them in their walk with Christ, encouragement when they are dealing with difficulties in their walk, a challenge to walk in 

greater faith and obedience to the Lord, and teaching that will open their eyes to deception so they might learn to avoid it in all its many forms.

The site will contain audio teaching, video teaching and testimonies, a lot of textual content for teaching on varied subjects, Plenty of scripture references to validate the teaching, video testimonies from people who have come from many varied walks in life, and text links and banner links to sites that offer more teaching that is often more in depth than the author of this site can boast at the current time.  May God bless you richly as you visit this site!

Click on the banner below the words C. R. Lord, Webmaster below to be taken to the site, and pray before you go that God would direct you during your visit to whatever it might be that would be most beneficial to you.  You can also gain access to the site by clicking on the picture of the happy family.