C. R. Lord was used of the Lord to create and publish a book of poetry and other writings spanning a period of over forty years. The book is entitled "From the Heart of a Servant and was published in 2008. Along with some beautiful poetry is the testimony of how God delivered this man from a wicked life.

Bound by alcohol and drugs and filled with lust among other things 

that included cursing Jesus Christ day after day for many years he finally was arrested and imprisoned in Florida on drug possession charges.  He was given a misdemeanor and 18 days in a jail when he could have received a fifteen year sentence.  The judge was lenient on him because he had no previous arrest record and didn't resist arrest. His search for God began in that prison cell.

Since his search for God in 1974 he became a Christian and then God used him all over the country in evangelism on beaches and streets and everywhere there were people.  He graduated Bible college where he met and married his beautiful wife Beverly and they raised seven very special children who have all come to know the Lord as their Savior. They have also been blessed with seven beautiful grandchildren and one more is on the way.  You can read the story from birth to Bible college here.   The site is only half way finished.  C R Lord is trying to remember 72 years of life and it is quite difficult to recall so much.

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